Yearn Contributors

Help build the future of finance, shape your skills, and grow the Yearn ecosystem. Before joining our community, take some time to understand the philosophy behind Yearn through the Yearn Manifesto.

How to Contribute

Have an idea?

We are always open to new suggestions or better ways of doing things. If you have an idea feel free to use the appropriate channel on Discord, Reddit, or make a post on the governance forum. If the idea is thorough enough, make a post in the Proposals section on the governance forum and be sure to follow the Proposal Guidelines. Check previous YIPs for guidance.

File a Bug

If a Yearn product isn't working, please visit the appropriate Github repository listed under General Resources — or search in the Yearn Github Repo — to see if the issue already exists.

If it does not exist, please create a new issue following the template present in the repository.

If no issue template is present, please include information such as your browser version, device, etc. for that project so the developers can replicate it and fix it.

If the issue already exists, you can signal your support by adding a thumbs up to the existing issue or by adding helpful information.

Leave Feedback

Use the Feedback section of the governance forum to provide feedback.

Write Documentation

The Yearn ecosystem is expanding and, as a result, so is the need for documentation. You can find the "official" Yearn Documentation here — which provides high-level overviews and technical documentation.

Whether its writing How To guides on using vaults or creating diagrams on how the protocol ties together, there is something for everyone. If you speak another language, translations might be up your alley!

You can see our progress on the Github Project Board where you can look through any issue that interests you. Before contributing: Please see our How to Use Github guide and ensure that your PRs adhere to our Writing Style Guide.

We use a combination of HackMD, Gitbook, and Github for our Documentation and we use DrawIO with Google Drive for our diagrams & schemas. If you are a grammar stickler, you can see our Reviewer Guide.

Last, but not least, join the #documentation channel in Discord and introduce yourself.

If this sounds confusing, please let us know what we can clear up. In the meantime: You can begin contributing to our HackMD docs immediately via the Github issues — we'll guide you through the rest.



If you're a developer we need your help! Before you begin: Familiarize yourself with Yearn, its products, and its infrastructure by reading our Documentation.

You can see our progress on our Github Project Board and you can immediately begin contributing where you see fit. We recommend checking out issues tagged as help wanted and recommend sticking to the respective repository's coding guidelines (linting, formatting, PRs, etc). It's that simple 🙂. You can also join us on the #dev channel in Discord.

If you are interested in working on a specific project, check out the list of Yearn products in the General Resources section below or check out our list of repos here.

If you want an overview on how our services interact with one another in Vaults, please see the schema and accompanying descriptions in the Vaults Overview.

If you're wondering how strategies work, please check out ETHOnline 🛠️ Yearn Strats 101 — hosted by our Yearn Devs. To start writing a Strategy of your own, please visit the Yearn Starter Pack Repo.

If you are looking to integrate with Yearn, please visit our Integration Guide and check out our Interface Documentation.


We invite designers, animators, artists, and more to share your skills with the Yearn ecosystem! If you're interested in creating graphics that describe Yearn's systems, creating video explainers, fixing Yearn's UI/UX, or any other combination of things — hop into the #ui-ux channel or #media-resources channels in Discord.

Yearn Contributors

See our wonderful list of contributors along with individual contribution stats at Get your name added to the list by contributing to documentation, code, designs, or whatever else you're interested in!

Creating Strategies


The best introduction to V2 is the workshop did by Doug ( Even its focused on security, it's a great introduction to Vaults V2.

Start coding

When you decide to start, this reading material is going to come handy:

Once you have the strategy ready. This will guide you further down the road.

Other reading material

This is complement to the others but it's not directly related to creating strategies.

General Resources

Yearn Products

List of Yearn Tools

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