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What is yPRISMA?

yPRISMA is Yearn's latest veToken wrapper, built on top of Prisma Finance. Importantly, yPRISMA:

  • Is a token that represents 1 vePRISMA max-locked to Yearn
  • Is not redeemable for PRISMA
  • Has no transfer restrictions and can always be swapped in DEX pools.

Governance for Prisma is controlled by vePRISMA, a locked token position that grants users voting power, fee revenue, and boosted PRISMA emissions.

Because all PRISMA emissions come as locked vePRISMA, it is often inconvenient for users who want to avoid managing their position or want to cash out. yPRISMA aims to offer users a tokenized version of this position, giving them instant liquidity and auto-managing governance participation to maximize yield.

With built-in boost delegation coming soon, users who hold yPRISMA will be able to boost their yields on any of their positions within the Prisma ecosystem, including:

  • Prisma Vaults (CDPs)
  • Stability Pool
  • Curve / Convex Farming
  • Yearn Farming (coming soon!)

How do I obtain yPRISMA?

There are many ways to get yPRISMA:

Why would I claim my emissions as yPRISMA?

There are several key reasons to claim your emissions as yPRISMA instead of locking yourself.

  1. When minting yPRISMA, you also get to use Yearn's boost, which is among the highest of all lockers.
  2. yPRISMA is minted 1:1 against your max locked claim amount.
  3. yPRISMA is fully transferrable and can be swaped on DEXes like Curve, or staked for benefits in the ecosystem.

How can I claim my emissions as yPRISMA?

  1. Browse to

  2. Select "Lock All"

  3. In the modal, choose "Liquid Lockers"

    Liquid Lockers
  4. Tick the checkbox for Yearn's yprisma.eth delegator and press "Confirm".

    Liquid Lockers

When the transaction is complete, congratulations! You now have yPRISMA tokens in your wallet!

What can I do with my yPRISMA?

Until Prisma governance begins distributing fee revenue, the best thing to do with your yPRISMA is to farm wstETH or dYFI yield on


yPRISMA Locker0x90be6DFEa8C80c184C442a36e17cB2439AAE25a7
yPRISMA Staking (wstETH rewards)0x774a55C3Eeb79929fD445Ae97191228Ab39c4d0f
yPRISMA Staking (dYFI rewards)0x93283184650f4d3B4253ABd00978176732118428
yPRISMA LP Staking0x6806D62AAdF2Ee97cd4BCE46BF5fCD89766EF246
yCRV Staking0x84c94d739e075b3C7431bdb1A005F0412DF828a5

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