How to Mint yUSD

This visual guide will walk you through every step in minting yUSD at

You can learn more about yUSD here:


  • You must have DAI, USDC, USDT, TUSD, or yCRV to use for buying yUSD.

  • You must use a supported wallet, either Metamask, Trustwallet, Trezor, or Torus.

Visual Walkthrough

1) Go to and click Connect

2) Click on the wallet you are using, for this demo we'll use MetaMask

3) If you have multiple addresses in your wallet, select the one you're planning to use to mint yUSD then click Next

4) Click Connect

5) You will now see your address in the upper right corner (this is the address mapped to my ens tracheopteryx.eth). You will also see your balance of compatible tokens on the left.

6) Click Depost All to deposit all the tokens shown on the left into the yCRV vault to mint yUSD.

7) Click Confirm to approve your deposit or click Edit to increase the gas fee if Ethereum is busy (check for current rates). If you are depositing more than one type of token (e.g. DAI and USDC) you will need to do this step to approve each one.

8) You will see this screen as the Ethereum blockchain processes your approval transaction.

9) Once the approval is processed, click Confirm to actually make the depost (or edit the gas fee first as before if you want to increase it).

10) You will see this screen as your transaction is processing. If this takes too long, you may not have set a high enough gas fee or you may have a stuck transaction, check our FAQ page for how to resolve slow or stuck transactions.

11) Your deposit was successful!

12) Now you can see your balance of yUSD here and in your wallet!

13) Go to and click Add Token to add yUSD to MetaMask then Add Token again in the MetaMask window.

That's it!

If you have any further questions or get stuck somewhere, ask for help on the Support channel in our discord: