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yvToken as collateral

Why use yvTokens as collateral?#

They’re yield generating#

A Yearn Vault token is a yield-bearing version of a token, so when locked up as collateral it will still generate yield. A single vault token can run up to 20 yield generating strategies. All Vaults at main website run "uponly" strategies.

The safest yields in DeFi#

Vaults strategies are constantly audited to practice the highest security standards of DeFi. Grow with us one day at a time. More information at:

Split fees with Yearn#

Yearn's fee sharing partner program allows you to earn up to 50% of the fees generated on your users' TVL every month. We are in this together.

They’re ERC20 compatible#

yvToken are ERC-20 compatible (like any other commonly expected token), there is no code security overhead for developers to implement any yvToken as a new option for collateral

They’re almost 100% liquid#

Strategies that lock tokens are kept to an absolute minimum amount of time. To learn more about strategy and fund allocation visit for a look into what's going on right now.

They’re transparent#

What you see on-chain is what you get. For realtime protocol data see:

Projects using yvTokens as collateral#

To learn more reach out through