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Brighten someone's day by sending a virtual gift. yGift is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) that can be used to reward someone for their work, or to simply share some love.

How to send a yGift

Anyone can create and send a yGift. It is possible to add an image or mp4 video, a nice message and even a monetary reward:

  1. Access yGift website and click on "create gift"
  2. Add an image or mp4 video that means something to you both, then upload it to IPFS

  1. Add a receiver ETH or ENS address. Make sure it is the correct Ethereum wallet address, or the yGift will be lost
  2. In case you want to add funds to your yGift, choose the token and amount. Adding funds is optional
  3. Choose a name and write a nice message for your yGift
  4. Locking period: Optionally set a period of days to lock tokens added to the yGift when you create it. You may send the yGift immediately and although it will be available to the recipient, the tokens will be locked until this period ends
  5. Vesting period: Optionally set a period of days for the tokens to vest. If a locking period has been set, tokens will start vesting immediately after unlocking. Tokens will vest linearly until all become available after this period of days expires.

How to Tip a yGift

After a yGift has been sent, people can add more funds to it by tipping it! Are you feeling generous? Tip contributor's gift and share some love!

  1. Access the page of the yGift you want to tip;
  2. Click on "tip". Set amount and write a nice message

You can only tip a yGift on the previous chosen token. If the yGift was minted with yUSD being the token (even if initial amount was set to 0), then the tips have to be in yUSD.

Tips are always immediately available and not subject to locking or vesting.

Collecting your yGift funds

Received a yGift? Congratulations! If the gift contains a non-zero "Gift Amount" you can collect your unlocked funds. Just click on "Collect" on the top right corner of your gift.


yGift is a Yearn project built by the community, for the community! Want to be part of it? Check out yGift Github and share your ideas!