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How it works

The Multisig is implemented by a 6-of-9 multi-signature wallet. The members of the multi-signature wallet were voted in by YFI holders and are subject to change from future governance votes. Specific powers are delegated to the governance multisig, as defined by Governance 2.0. More information about Yearn governance and how it interacts with the multisig can be found on and on the FAQ.

The multisig is implemented as a Gnosis Safe. The multisig's assets, transactions, and signers can be viewed using Gnosis's Web UI. If there is a need to trustlessly audit Yearn's multisig (without trusting the Gnosis site), the Gnosis Safe web app source code can be found on Github here.


Multisig membership can be validated from the Gnosis UI here.
Cryptographic membership attestations can be validated against the PGP keys in the yearn-security repository.

0x0Cec743b8CE4Ef8802cAc0e5df18a180ed8402A7 - Milkyklim (Yearn Finance)
Membership attestation - Etherscan

0x48f2bd7513da5Bb9F7BfD54Ea37c41650Fd5f3a3 - Devops199fan (Saddle Finance, eGirl Capital, Venture DAO)
Membership attestation - Etherscan

0x6E83d6f57012D74e0F131753f8B5Ab557824507D - Vasily Shapovalov (
Membership attestation - Etherscan

0x6F2A8Ee9452ba7d336b3fba03caC27f7818AeAD6 - Mariano Conti (, prev. MakerDAO)
Membership attestation - Etherscan

0x7321ED86B0Eb914b789D6A4CcBDd3bB10f367153 - Leo Cheng (C.R.E.A.M. Finance)
Membership Attestation - Etherscan

0x74630370197b4c4795bFEeF6645ee14F8cf8997D - cp287 (
Membership attestation - Etherscan

0x757280Bd46fC5B1C8b85628E800c443525Afc09b - Ryan Watkins (Messari)

0x7A1057E6e9093DA9C1D4C1D049609B6889fC4c67 - Banteg (Yearn Finance)
Membership attestation - Etherscan

0x99BC02c239025E431D5741cC1DbA8CE77fc51CE3 - Daryl Lau (Not3Lau Capital)
Membership attestation - Etherscan