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Yearn API

Production Endpoint

API Schema

addressChecksummed address of the vault
inceptionThe block number a vault was created at
symbolVault token symbol (used primarily in metamask)
nameVault token name
display_nameVault name as displayed in UI (usually based on underlying symbol)
iconVault token icon url
tokenUnderlying vault token metadata
token.nameUnderlying token name
token.symbolUnderlying token symbol
token.addressUnderlying token address
token.decimalsUnderlying token decimal amount
token.display_nameUnderlying token display name
token.iconUnderlying token icon (usually used as vault dispaly icon)
tvlTVL information about a vault
tvl.total_assetsTVL in underlying token denomination
tvl.priceToken price in USD
tvl.tvlTVL in USD
apyVault APY metadata
apy.typeAPY type. Options are v2:simple, v2:averaged, v1:simple, crv
apy.gross_aprUncompounded gross APR before fees
apy.net_apyNet APY (compounded) after fees. This is what the UI shows
apy.feesFee structure breakdown for a vault
apy.fees.performancePerformance fee in bips
apy.fees.withdrawalWithdrawal fee in bips
apy.fees.managementManagement fee in bips
apy.fees.keep_crvAmount of CRV to keep upon harvest for curve vaults in bips
apy.fees.cvx_keep_crvAmount of CRV to keep upon harvest for curve convex vaults in bips
apy.pointsAPY samples for various timeframes
apy.points.week_agoAPY calculated from one week sample of pricePerShare
apy.points.month_agoAPY calculated from one month sample of pricePerShare
apy.points.month_agoAPY calculated from inception block sample of pricePerShare
apy.compositeComplex APY breakdown (for curve vaults)
apy.composite.boostCurrent boost of the strategies
apy.composite.pool_apyAPY of the Curve LP position
apy.composite.base_aprBase APR of Curve emissions
apy.composite.boosted_aprBoosted APR of Curve emissions
apy.composite.cvx_aprAPR of Convex rewards
apy.composite.rewards_aprAPR of additional pool rewards
strategiesA list of active vault strategies
strategies[idx].addressAddress of an active strategy
strategies[idx].nameName of an active strategy
endorsedTrue if the vault is an endorsed production vault. Do not show the vault if it's not endorsed
versionAPI version of the vault
decimalsNumber of decimals for the vault token
typeHigh level vault classification. Valid options are v1 and v2
emergency_shutdownIf true the vault is in shut down mode and no new deposits should be accepted
updatedUnix timestamp of the last vault update